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For the perfect appearance: evening fashion at LODENFREY

Red carpet, opera ball, wedding - special moments in life require special appreciation. What the respective event means to you, you can show especially through your choice of dress. Especially evening wear, which is reserved for festive and glamorous days, makes an event unforgettable. Because thanks to high-quality materials, shiny fabrics and elegant cuts evening fashion always surrounds a special aura and lets its wearer through elaborate details such as sequins, applications or flounces become the true eye-catcher of any event.

Nevertheless, some women often buy evening dresses only when they are really needed. Then, however, the panic is often big - where to get a evening dress in a hurry, which looks good, fits the occasion and underlines the own type? One that possibly conceals small figure weaknesses? The solution is: LODENFREY!

With us you will find the right gown for every occasion: from purist to elegant, from simple to glamorous. No matter whether you want to appear classically or extravagantly - with the evening fashion of the designers represented here you are always well advised. High-quality brands, such as Talbot Runhof, Etro or Paule Ka, deliberately set accents in their clothing. So why not score with designer fashion for a festive occasion?

Which dress code suits which event?

Even if a woman believes that she will never have the right clothes in her wardrobe - it is really not witchcraft to appear stylish at an exclusive event. There is a suitable wardrobe for every occasion and an individually suitable style for everyone. For evening events in particular, the rule is: come overdressed rather than underdressed. Often, however, the invitation to an event will already contain a note on the dress code. But even without this, there are unwritten laws about what clothing is appropriate for what occasion. In the following, we decode the most common dress codes for you so that nothing stands in the way of your grand entrance.

The festive ball - glamorous in a long gown

Fashionable superlatives are in demand at exclusive evening events such as the pompous Vienna Opera Ball, so you can shine here with a festive gala outfit. Ladies appear in a floor-length, elaborately crafted evening gown in a discreet colour scheme, which looks particularly elegant in combination with a stole or jacket as well as discreet accessories such as long, white gloves, elegant genuine jewellery and a small evening bag. To match the dress, wear closed pumps with a heel of about six centimetres.

Tip for your companion:
Terms such as "big formal suit", "white tie" or "cravate blanche" presuppose a black, single-breasted tailcoat with white waistcoat and white bow tie. A tie or black bow tie, on the other hand, is reserved for the waiter and is thus clearly taboo.

The red carpet - Exciting in the modern Cocktail- or evening dress

If the red carpet is rolled out at film premieres or award ceremonies, you have far greater scope for interpretation as far as the dress code is concerned. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is: the more elegant the event, the longer the dress can be. With a long evening dress you are always right on the red carpet, but you can also go for a knee-hugging cocktail dress or a festive costume. The only thing that is important is that you avoid garish and bright colours or patterns and that you coordinate your outfit with that of your partner in terms of its degree of elegance.

Tip for your companion:
For the gentlemen, a stress man or dark suit is the outfit of choice - at least if the event starts before 6 pm. After 6 p.m., "Tuxedo", "Black Tie (Optional)" or "Cravate Noir" stand for a dark tuxedo, which is worn with a cummerbund, waistcoat and black bow tie or tie. For the lady, only the noble evening gown is suitable, which can be stylishly complemented by a stole or a short fabric jacket.

The wedding celebration - discreetly in cheerful colors

Whether in the private area or officially, a wedding is always a special celebration, to which also the guests should dress accordingly. If a dress code is noted on the invitation, the guests should also dress according to the wishes of the bride and groom. If no dress code is given, you should ask the bride: if she wears a floor-length wedding dress, the wedding guests' dresses will also be longer and more festive. If she has opted for a short dress, you can go for an elegant cocktail dress, a chic silk suit or even a trouser suit without hesitation. In any case, however, the bride and groom are the centre of attention at their wedding. Therefore, choose a discreet wardrobe so as not to outshine the bride. The colors white, cream or champagne are accordingly taboo and too dark tones or even black should be avoided.

Tip for your escort:
The gentlemen must also remain behind the groom in the elegance of their outfit. If the bridegroom wears a tuxedo, the wedding guest is content with a dark suit, appears the bridegroom however in the tailcoat, it is quite adequate for the wedding guests to wear an elegant tuxedo. As a daytime equivalent for the tailcoat in the evening, it is also customary at classical weddings for the groom, bride's father and guests to wear a "cut", "cutaway coat" or "morning dress" until 5 p.m. - traditionally with tie or plastron.

The opera or theatre visit - stylish in a sheath or cocktail dress

If it is not a premiere or the Bayreuth Festival, the dress code for a cultural event is no longer too strict. So it is not mandatory that you dress up for a visit to the opera or theatre, yet it is appreciated especially for evening events. For example, a cocktail dress with a short jacket would be suitable, but often you are already dressed in style in an elegant sheath dress with blazer and chic pumps, or a dark trouser suit with a plain-coloured blouse.

Tip for your companion:
If the gentleman likes it elegant, he wears a suit or even tuxedo, but also a look in casual chic consisting of (black) fabric trousers, plain-coloured shirt, jacket and neat lace-up shoes is quite appropriate. Again, to avoid faux pas, coordinate your outfit with the degree of elegance beforehand, especially in the evening.

The elegant dinner - classic in the little black dress

No matter whether it is a visit to a star restaurant, a reception or an exhibition opening, the little black dress is always a good choice for events with a festive character. The different variations range from the classic sheath dress, which is elegant and representative at the same time, to the knee-length pencil skirt, which - together with a fine blouse - is perfect for business dinners with customers. High-quality accessories such as high heels or a bag made of genuine leather round off the look and make the little black dress a stylish all-rounder for festive occasions of all kinds.

Tip for your companion:
He is always well advised with a two- or three-piece dark suit and tie. Simple cufflinks and smooth leather shoes further enhance the look, while large patterns, on the other hand, should be avoided. Gentlemen who prefer a more casual look can also go for modern combinations for less formal occasions and choose, for example, jeans, shirt and jacket.

The glittering party night - Funkelnd in statement look

If it's not exactly a theme party, you can confidently distance yourself from the strict dress code when inviting people to parties. Anything that sparkles, glitters and shines is permitted: whether it's a sexy cocktail dress made of sequins or silk top with leather leggings and high heels - you should make a statement with your outfit. That way you are guaranteed not to be overlooked.

Tip for your companion:
Depending on the location, the party and the time of year, the options for men range from a fashionable suit to jeans and T-shirt. Therefore, if in doubt, it is best to ask the host about the appropriate attire.

How to find the right outfit

Classic or trendy? Sporty or romantic? How do you find the right outfit for you? Regardless of the event or dress code, your look should first and foremost be authentic and represent your individual style. In the following you will find some tips that will help you to find your fashion style and thus inspiration for the next event.

The classic-minimalist look

Do you love clean lines and like to dress in elegant, timeless chic? Do you value a good fit, high-quality workmanship and balanced cuts that never go out of fashion? Then you should avoid flashy extravagances, large patterns and playful styles or use them discreetly. The sophistication of the classic look lies in the details: the basis is formed by unobtrusive, elegant basics that stand out less for their garish colours than for their exceptional fabric quality and simple elegance. Complemented by high-quality accessories, you can effectively set the scene. The advantage: You can wear your evening fashion over several seasons.

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Particularly suitable for: Business dinners, cultural events

The feminine romantic look

Do you love nostalgic embroidery, flounces, floral prints and cuts that accentuate your femininity? Do you know how to celebrate styling for a special evening with girly silhouettes and feminine accessories? Then the romantic style with playful cuts, soft fabrics and flowing shapes suits you particularly well: here pictorial patterns meet fine fabric qualities such as lace, chiffon or silk and the colour choice ranges from pastel powder shades to bright natural tones. Wrap yourself in everything that looks feminine, delicate and cheerful.

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Especially suitable for: Weddings

The extravagant-stylish look

Do you like to be in the spotlight and stand out with bold cuts, colours and combinations? Your style is never monotonous, but rather you constantly reinvent yourself and stand out from the crowd with your styling? Then anything you like is allowed. Dare to try unusual combinations and experiment with stylish accessories, make-up and hairstyles.

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Especially suitable for: Festive balls, red carpet looks, party outfits.