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Buy exclusive designer kids fashion online at LODENFREY Online Shop

Children's fashion has evolved in recent years from practical basics in classic shades of blue and pink to a true specialty of renowned luxury designers. Because very few young ladies and gentlemen nowadays resign themselves to boring looks, especially if the older siblings or mom and dad convince with fashionable outfits. So it is hardly surprising that brands such as Gucci Kids, Woolrich, Stone Island Junior, Stella McCartney Kids, Moncler Enfant, Polo Ralph Lauren or Chloé Kids are designing their own collections for the little ones and the very young, which take up the fashion trends of adults but still exude childlike charm thanks to special details. This is precisely why the mini-me look is currently in vogue, with kids and their parents showing not only family affiliation but also the same trend sense and fashion awareness through similar styles.

Practical highlights for little fashion fans

Despite all the trends, however, aspects such as practicality, suitability for everyday use and high quality are still the focus of children's fashion. Especially for toddlers and babies, bodysuits, rompers and other basic elements of the initial outfitting should be made of cotton or other natural fibers that are kind to the skin and allergy-friendly. Brands such as Mini a Ture, Fendi Kids, Papa Lobster or Tartine et Chocolat therefore use only first-class materials and at the same time impress with functional details for easy dressing and undressing. For the grown-ups, the clothes should be able to withstand an afternoon at the playground just as well as the family meal in the restaurant, in addition to qualitative material standards.

The right outfit for every occasion

Just like you, your offspring need to be dressed appropriately for special moments. For babies as well as for girls and boys you will find noble and at the same time stylish fashion for festive occasions in the LODENFREY Kids-Shop, which is worth seeing. There you will find from baptism, wedding, birthdays or Christmas a selection of child-friendly fashion with festive charm.

But since stylish boys and girls also want to score with cool looks at school or kindergarten, there is also a whole range of fashionable clothing from well-known designers. Stylish girls discover beautiful blouses or shirts, which combined with skirts or pants create a special everyday look. Chic dresses or warm knitwear with special details such as prints, motifs or playful accents make for a beautiful appearance, while accessories and shoes complete the look. Finally, in our lifestyle section we also offer cute cuddly toys, fashionable decoration highlights, exciting books and much more to discover for yourself or give away for boys, girls and the very little ones.

Fashion-conscious boys will also find a wide range of styles from shirts and shirts to jeans and pants to impress in their free time and at the playground. But also cool swimming trunks or skiwear for the next vacation, warm jackets and coats or cozy pajamas should not be missing in a well-stocked closet of young men.

Finally, for babies there is also everything for the first months of life in small format. Whether basics such as bodies and rompers or accessories, pants and tops for the walk with the family or fine dresses for the first visit to the relatives, here new parents find enchanting fashion for their offspring.

Traditional costume fashion for the little ones

If the kids are now fashionably equipped from head to toe, but also traditional costume fashion in mini format may not be missing. Whether for festive occasions with a traditional dress code or the long-awaited visit to the spring or Oktoberfest, a pair of leather pants or a dirndl from childhood not only looks enchanting, but also serves years later as a souvenir or heirloom for the younger siblings. Therefore, just as with adults, you should invest in high-quality and timeless traditional costume fashion. Discover in the LODENFREY online store or in our children's department at the main store a loving selection of beautiful traditional costume cardigans, shirts, blouses as well as items inspired by traditional costume such as shirts or bodies for girls, boys and babies.