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Ladies' costumes and dirndls at LODENFREY

Our traditional costume fashion for women is the luxurious combination of valuable tradition and timeless style. Our selection of ladies' costumes includes dirndls and aprons, lederhosen for ladies, dirndl blouses, traditional jackets, traditional blazers, traditional coats and capes, traditional cardigans as well as shoes and accessories for traditional costumes. As a Munich sales house, we have been closely rooted in the tradition of Oktoberfest for many years and carefully select gorgeous ladies' costumes and dirndls for you that are classic and stylish while looking forward with a modern eye. Discover at LODENFREY unique and high-quality traditional costume fashion for different occasions!

High quality traditional costume fashion for women

Traditional costume fashion is closely rooted in the south of Germany and is worn equally by every generation. The current Tracht combines classic fabrics and silhouettes with the modern charm of contemporary fashion trends. Traditional costume fashion and dirndls are no longer reserved for traditional folk festivals, but are also becoming increasingly popular in everyday life. For example, a romantic traditional blouse can be combined with jeans and a janker to create a chic everyday look.

Traditional costume fashion for women: The most beautiful Dirndl

The Dirndl is the classic among the traditional costume fashion for women. Traditionally, it is made of materials such as cotton, linen or silk and elaborately embroidered by hand. The design of the traditional dresses provides a flattering silhouette and is complemented with a Dirndl blouse and apron. From short to midi to long - Dirndls now come in a variety of lengths, so there's a feel-good model to suit everyone.

While the Dirndl is classically worn with a Dirndl blouse with a wide neckline, high necked blouses are now also very popular with the Dirndl. In addition, there are Dirndls with a button placket and stand-up collar, which can also be worn without a Dirndl blouse. Dirndls with a classic neckline, long sleeves and colorful designs also provide eye-catchers at the Oktoberfest or other folk festivals. Exclusive Dirndl for ladies you will find with us from LODENFREY, Gottseidank, Silk & Pearls, Edelweiss, Tostmann, Sportalm, Kinga Mathe or Giacomelli traditional costumes. They are characterized by high-quality fabrics, unique details and clever cuts.

Dirndl blouses complete the Trachten look

To the traditional Dirndl belongs the matching Trachten blouse. Classically, it is made of white cotton, but also models made of lace, with flounces, with or without neckline, puff sleeves and in colors such as black or cream are in vogue and complete the Dirndl outfit. Our tip: When choosing a Dirndl blouse, make sure that the material, design and color perfectly complement the look of your Dirndl. The Trachtenbluse completes the Dirndl without being too much in the foreground. Beautiful traditional blouses to combine you will find with us from LODENFREY, Kinga Mathe, Silk & Pearls, Gottseidank, Sportalm or Edelweiss.

High-quality Trachtenjacken and Damenjanker with LODENFREY

For the special appearance in traditional costume may not be missing naturally the Trachtenjacke! Warming and with flattering fits, Trachten cardigans and Janker for ladies are the perfect addition to the Trachten look. But not only to the Dirndl, also in everyday life Trachten jackets are stylishly used, such as a casual-elegant blazer alternative or as a stylish Trachten cardigan combined with an airy summer dress.

Discover our most beautiful traditional jackets, blazers, cardigans and coats in various designs and fits from designer brands such as Habsburg, Susanne Spatt and Meindl. Whether in a classic elegant look, with a stand-up collar or as a traditional coat - traditional jackets combine traditional elements with modern twists. Chic, fitted and with beautiful embroidery details, Trachtenblazer and Janker show a special elegance that never goes out of fashion.

Traditional costume fashion for women: Trachten shoes and accessories

Complete your traditional costume with the matching Trachten shoes and accessories. Here too, depending on the style, occasion and taste, there is a variety of designs: to match the dirndl or leather pants pumps, traditional loafers, ballerinas or boots. Be inspired and discover the most beautiful Trachten shoes from popular designer labels such as Fabio Rusconi, Ludwig Reiter, Meindl and Monaco Duck - in our assortment you will find everything that the Trachten heart desires.

You can further complement your traditional costume fashion with special traditional costume accessories. To Dirndl & Co. fit Trachtenschmuck such as necklaces, bracelets or charivaris with Trachten pendants from Munich Jewels or Forest, Trachtentücher and scarves from Cashmere or silk of LODENFREY, Mothwurf or Habsburg as well as Dirndl bows in the luxurious design of Tostmann and Mothwurf. With the right accessory you can set accents and style your traditional Trachten look into something unique. Particularly popular are also stylish traditional hats, hair bands and small Tracht bags made of natural materials. Our selection of traditional costume accessories leaves nothing to be desired.

Browse through our selection of luxurious and traditional Trachten fashion for women now and store your new Trachten look.