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Happiness is: traditional dress for women from LODENFREY

When people hear the name LODENFREY, the first thing that comes to mind is traditional dress. The company, founded in 1842, offers classic traditional dress for women. This style has effortlessly withstood the test of time and changing fashion trends.

Traditional dress is not just worn for Oktoberfest; style-conscious women love to dress up in a dirndl, a frock coat, a blazer or a cardigan. These can be worn with matching jewellery, like a trachten necklace made from antique silver and agate, amethyst or jade. A leather trachten bag decorated with embroidery is the perfect finishing touch. Complete the outfit with a scarf, a cashmere stole or a silk handkerchief. A beautiful décolletage in a dirndl can be a real head turner.

Dirndl aprons are available in short and long styles. Even when worn under a trachten coat, they look very elegant. Comfortable pumps and ballerinas perfectly complete the look.
Over its long history, LODENFREY has always preserved an appreciation for traditional values.

All collections from LODENFREY have been designed and selected with care. Skin-friendly and breathable materials ensure that women can be comfortable in our traditional dress, as well as looking good. Even in the modern world, this style is incredibly flattering for women. A stylish feminine figure is imbued with touch of tradition and elegance.