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Dressed well from head to toe, even on cold days: Traditional coats

On cold days, the men can prove their taste in traditional fashion. Because a traditional outfit for men is not complete without a classic traditional coat. With Loden and Hubertus coats by LODENFREY, you'll not only feel warm and comfortable, but also stylish at all times. For one cannot go wrong with traditional fashion in muted colours, classic cuts and subtle details, such as leather or deer horn buttons. That is not only true for every day wear, but especially for festive occasions.

Clever cuts and seams as well as properly placed kick pleats ensure a perfect fit and best possible freedom of movement for these traditional coats. LODENFREY insists that only high quality, natural materials such as loden, virgin wool, cashmere or alpaca wool are used to make our traditional coats, and that the highest standards of craftsmanship are maintained. The traditional coats from LODENFREY therefore meet even the highest quality requirements.

It is not without cause that the slogan for the LODENFREY shop is: “Come rain or shine, my coat is made by LODENFREY."

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