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Elegant accessories for men

The ladies are currently all about scarves. Whether it is a loop-scarf, triangular neckerchief or a colourful printed shawl in a comic style – few outfits today get away without a suitable scarf. Amidst all this, one might overlook that scarves are also accessories of prime importance for men today. A pocket square is a true icon of elegance and allows for bringing a little bit of colour into wearing a suit. Pocket squares are among those accessories for men that turn a conventional outfit into a stylish look.

In regards to colour, men are free to go wild in this and select silk pocket squares in exciting patterns to go with the anthracite business suit. Depending on whether a gentleman slips in the pocket square nonchalantly or folds it artfully, this accessory can appear easy going or formal. LODENFREY offers further accessories, besides pocket squares, that no gentleman's outfit should be without.
From ties of internationally renowned designers to belts with elaborate buckles to cheerfully coloured socks, the men will find everything needed for a wardrobe of individual styles. Of course, traditional fashion also needs its own suitable style of accessories to round out an outfit.