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Traditional and yet modern: Traditional costumes for men

The curated men's costumes from LODENFREY combines tradition and modernity, stands for joie de vivre, authenticity and quality. Whether to the Oktoberfest, the beer garden or festivals, traditional costume such as leather pants, shirt and Janker can be worn wonderfully on many occasions, but also in everyday life. Elegant, timeless and stylish, the traditional Tracht look is always a special eye-catcher!

Traditional costume is tradition - and has a very special meaning for LODENFREY. The assortment of our men's costume is traditional and yet young with a focus on high-quality materials such as deerskin and cotton. The range for men includes Lederhosen and Trachtenhosen, shirts, Janker, Trachtenjacken, vests, knitwear and accessories such as Trachtenstrümpfe, hats and Trachten shoes. Discover traditional costume fashion from brands like LODENFREY, Gottseidank, Meindl, Schneiders, Windsor and many more.

Leather pants for men: centerpieces for eternity

Leather pants are the centerpiece of traditional costume. The focus is on high-quality fabrics, classic colors and traditional motifs. Leather trousers made of the finest deerskin - like the models from the traditional company Meindl - are a purchase for eternity. The chamois tanning and dyeing with natural blue wood extract make deerskin pants real masterpieces. For a modern Trachten look, go for short leather pants and light colors as well as beige tones with a gray haze. You can achieve a classic Trachten look with dark brown leather pants.

Lederhosen, also known as "Krachledernde", have been a tradition for centuries and are a testament to outstanding craftsmanship. High-quality leather pants are made of deer, buck or goat leather and, thanks to their durability, are often passed down from father to son. Provided with colored decorative stitching, elaborate embroidery, floral patterns and rustic buttons made of horn, leather pants put on a beautiful patina in the course of their life. Suspenders and the cross saddle that connects across the chest provide further areas for embroidery and hallmarking, but are not mandatory. Discover now traditional leather pants from Meindl, Ostarrichi, Mothwurf or Wallach, which will accompany you for a lifetime. In addition, every year we present our exclusive LODENFREY Wiesn leather pants, which you can buy exclusively from us.

Traditional costume fashion: shirts, vests and Janker for men

A subtle elegance defines the traditional costume shirts for men. There are many models with stand-up collar and horn buttons. You are always right with white traditional shirts made of high quality cotton, but also light blue and striped models harmonize ideally with the traditional look. You will find shirts for traditional costume from designer brands such as Gottseidank, dog sans scho, Van Laak, DU4, Dorani and LODENFREY.

Traditional vests and gilets complete the traditional costume with a festive touch. Quite in the sense of "back to the roots", vests in shades of blue and green made of natural materials such as cotton and loden are now in vogue. Slim-fit styles and high-necked models are also popular. Younger and more fashionable is the Miesbach shape with a round neckline and chain detail. Coordinated with the color and pattern of the traditional shirt, they are a real eye-catcher. But clever contrasts can also look great. From elegant to traditional - traditional costume labels like Gottseidank, Grasegger Manufaktur, Hammerschmid, Windsor, Mothwurf, Schneiders and LODENFREY show stylish traditional costume vests for every occasion.

The traditional outfit for men is rounded off with a chic Trachtenjanker, a traditional jacket, a jacket or a cardigan. The models are classically made of high-quality materials such as cotton, loden, velvet or wool and equipped with horn buttons. Trachten jackets are not only in connection with leather pants ideal styling partners, but can also be combined in everyday life - for example, to shirt and jeans or chino in the office. To complete the traditional look we present jackets and Janker from Boglioli, Habsburg, Poldi, Steinbock, Luis Trenker, Frederik Meisner, Gottseidank and LODENFREY.

Trachtenlook with Haferlshoes, traditional socks and accessories complement

The secret of a successful Trachtenlook is the balanced mix of classic and modern. When it comes to accessories, hats in natural shades such as green or gray go perfectly with traditional costume. Combine them with knee socks or loafers and black Haferlshoes.

Haferlshoes always give the wearer a secure appearance and are a must for a traditional costume look. But also sneakers in alpine look can be worn when visiting Oktoberfest or in everyday life. Brands like Meindl, Dirndl + Bua, Haferl and Xaver Luis have stylish oat shoes and sneakers ready for the traditional costume.

In addition necessarily Trachtensocken or Loferl combine. Trachten knee socks and socks, in the past basically knitted from wool, are now mostly made of cotton. Here, too, natural colors dominate, often with a decorative cable-knit pattern, as with the brands Lusana and Gottseidank.

Richly decorated belts, traditional hats made of wool or felt, the luxurious charivari as well as the stylish pocketkerchief complete the male Trachten outfit according to the individual preferences and personal taste of the wearer. Even though the Trachten look is for the ages, accessories can be played with at any time.

Discover now latest Trachten trends for men and get inspired by our selection of curated men's costumes!