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The renaissance of traditional lederhosen – LODENFREY moves with the times!

A widespread prejudice claims that only the lovely ladies are vain when it comes to choosing dresses and robes to always draw all of the attention at any cost. For from it, at least when it comes to selecting an outfit for especially festive occasions. Even the men are more and more focused on earning compliments and recognition for their fashion sense. This occurs particularly in the context of the Oktoberfest, in a recent development that shows individual and modern interpretations of traditional trousers and lederhosen experiencing a renaissance and ever greater popularity.
Long gone are the times when lederhosen and traditional trousers were restricted to traditional clubs in certain regions. Today, even amongst the younger generation,

Traditional lederhosen – a great investment for life!

To allow men an opportunity to look great at any Oktoberfest, even next to a stunning dirndl wearer, the LODENFREY shop offers a variety of traditional but also modern styled traditional lederhosen and traditional trousers.
For a truly festive look, as was traditionally the case with the knickerbockers, the lederhosen by Meindl feature knee breeches. Available in many natural colours and manufactured with great attention to detail, the lederhosen by Meindl feature impressive embroidery on the bib, leg, knife pocket and back and are thus easily distinguishable from off-the-rack, mass-produced designs. Made from high-quality goat leather, which is known for its sturdiness, suppleness and softness, both the knee breech and the shorter lederhosen by Meindl offer great value and longevity. They will therefore last and remain wearable lifelong, a great investment into quality and excellent craftsmanship. Besides classic and modern lederhosen, the LODENFREY shop also offers timeless traditional fashion by Habsburg for truly traditional spirits to wear for special occasions. Timeless, elegant with creases and slightly narrowing in cut, the traditional trousers by Habsburg can be combined in a multitude of combinations, always suitable for the occasion and mood of the wearer. Whether it is worn with a simple jacket or elaborate traditional Janker jackets, traditional trousers by Habsburg are a must for any gentleman's wardrobe.

The LODENFREY shop – well-dressed for any occasion!