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Lederhosen: a stylish tradition

Leather trousers are as much a part of traditional costume fashion as a beer's head of froth. Whether for a wedding, the Oktoberfest or simply for everyday wear: leather trousers delight with their classic design and high-quality workmanship. They present a handicraft of the extra class. Elegant embroideries such as stag antlers, edelweiss and tendril motifs as well as precious materials, for example deerskin, give the Krachledernen their unique character. Trouser flaps and suspenders are eye-catching features and give each piece its individual recognition value.

Luxurious materials and the cleaning of leather trousers

The robust deerskin makes leather trousers the perfect companion for any occasion. If possible, deerskin should not be washed, but merely aired out. However, if some dirt does land on the leather trousers, they can be cleaned gently. A careful hand wash with soft soap is perfect for this. The best way to dry them is to lay them on a towel and let them air dry. Caution: Do not place the trousers in the sun and change their position regularly so that the leather does not stiffen. For individual stains, carbonated water is suitable: dab the spots on the leather pants with it - done!

Modern interpretation: leather trousers in fashion

Lederhosen not only mix up men's clothing on selected occasions, but also delight in everyday life with a traditional vibe. The traditional costume trend convinces across generations and gives a feeling of home, which is why leather trousers for children are particularly popular. The women's world has also been conquered by the stylish trousers and so there are now also alternatives for women among the leather trousers. This offers scope for versatility and a modern alternative to the Dirndl and sets unconventional accents. The modern interpretation and sense of unity make the classic leather trousers a trendy outfit. Accessories such as the charivari add a unique character to every Trachten outfit, while the typical Trachten shirt in various formats harmonises ideally with the Lederhosen.