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LODENFREY Traditional Wear

Tradition and modernity in perfect harmony

The name LODENFREY has stood especially for exclusive traditional clothing for almost two centuries. From current trends to designer dirndls and unique pieces, the Munich-based traditional company manages to stylishly combine elegance with modernity. Traditional clothing is not only a term for Oktoberfest; more and more elements are being worn as everyday clothing, and for people all over southern regions it has become a beautiful way to express their sense of heritage.

For men, the range stands out with its rustic lederhosen, elegant janker jackets and classic traditional shoes. But traditional shirts, socks and a wide variety of accessories can also be used to create the perfect traditional look. All of these are made using the most premium materials, traditional (but still contemporary) fits, in the highest quality.

Women particularly love the huge selection of dirndl fashion in modern mid-length designs or classic lengths including dirndl blouses. From classic cotton or linen models, all the way to designer models made of silk or loden, LODENFREY has the perfect design for every taste. In addition to that, cardigans, elegant traditional jackets as well as accessories like traditional shoes, jewellery or bags will round off your outfit perfectly.

Let’s not forget the smallest among us: Beautiful traditional clothing for babies, girls and boys can give even the youngest crowd a sense of heritage and a feel for traditional clothing.

Aside from the large selection of designers, like Meindl, Berzaghi & Freymann, Schneiders or Silk & Pearls, there is also the in-house LODENFREY collection, which exemplifies its many years of experience in combining the zeitgeist with tradition. Since 2002, LODENFREY has been the place to go for exclusive traditional clothing thanks to its year-round Wiesndirndl, a term that resonates with fans of traditional clothing, but also its shirts and cardigans as well as exclusive models by other designers.


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