Bagutta x Alessandro Squarzi

    Mit seinem einzigartigen Streetstyle verkörpert Alessandro Squarzi die traditionelle italienische Mode wie kaum ein anderer. Denn sein außer-gewöhnliches Gespür für die aktuellen Trends macht ihn nicht nur zu einem der am häufigsten fotografierten männlichen Blogger in der Modeindustrie, er ist außerdem Gründer einer erfolgreichen Beratung und betreibt Show-rooms in Bologna und der Modemetropole Mailand. Sein neuester Clou: Eine exklusive Kooperation mit dem italienischen Premium-Label Bagutta – eine Marke, die Squarzi schon lange wertschätzt. Ein Umstand, der sich nicht zuletzt auch in der 11-teiligen Hemdenkollektion bis ins Detail wider-spiegelt. Im Interview mit LODENFREY berichtet Alessandro Squarzi woraus er seine Inspiration schöpft und was Man(n) bei seiner Modewahl beachten sollte.
    © Alessandro Squarzi

    LF: Alessandro, over the years you have opened several showrooms, e.g. in Bologna and Milan, as a pointof contact with foreign clients and at the same time a vital presence in the main square of Italian fashion. In your opinion, what is so special about the unmistakable Italian style and why do you think it is so popular internationally – especially in menswear?

    AS: The culture of dressing well in Italy has always existed. Particularly showrooms are excellent platforms to connect with the customer. At the moment we have showrooms in Milan and in Bologna. Also, Italy is a country which has the style in its DNA and for this reason people observe the Italian style and take it as an inspiration. A great example here is Toto, or even the first post-war period- Italy has always been the home of good taste and this does not only include the taste of food.

    LF: Your Instagram profile is followed daily by thousands of followers around the world who elected you an icon of men’s fashion. What is your personal fashion secret and what should every man have as a basis in his wardrobe? 

    AS: Every Man should dress himself not only following different fashion trends, but also focussing on his own proportions. Additionally, he must never lose his elegance and always follow the labels, dress code and above all be a true and coherent person because society is tired of fake things.  

    Sakko, green Sakko, khaki Sakko, Lodenfrey, Munich
    Sakko von Boglioli
    Bagutta, Alessandro Squarzi, Bagutta x Alessandro Suqarzi, Stripes, Blue, Casualhemd, Lodenfrey, Munich
    Casualhemd von Bagutta x Alessandro Squarzi
    Chino, white Chino, white, Slim Fit, Slim Fit Chino, Lodenfrey, Munich
    Chino von PT 01
    Douclas, green Loafer, khaki Loafer, Lodenfrey, Munich
    Loafer von Douclas

    LF: For you, white pants are the ultimate fashion must-have – will there be a special it-piece in menswear for this season?

    AS: White trousers are definitely one of my favorite items, and I reveal a secret, they can be combined with everything and are very comfortable. In fact, I have worn white trousers ever since I was a kid- both during summer and winter season. Also, dressing in layers is definitely a recent trend. This includes combining a gilet with shirts for example. To be honest: the difference is that if one wears the shirt jackets by Alessandro Squarzi Bagutta everything becomes easier.

    LF: Are there absolute no-go's for you regarding styling, combinations, etc.?

    AS: A man should never wear a short-sleeved shirt, cropped trousers or stretch trousers (those are more suitable for women). A man with a nice pair of jeans, a white shirt and good quality shoes on his feet, is a man who is always well dressed.

    LF: From the beginning of your career your fashion-forward eye allowed you to perceive that brands like Dondup, Jucca and Forte-Forte could turn into trends. How do you decide which brands to include in your portfolio?

    AS: I always try to take brands that do not only follow fashion, but which also reflect me and have a story to tell. In fact today Dondup, is no longer the same as when it was born. The brand completely lost its authentic soul and its nature- We can almost consider, "does it still exist?"

    LF: As your newest project you’ve signed a limited edition for Bagutta, one of the world’s wellknown brands for high level shirts. What is this mini collection of 11 shirt models all about and how did this partnership begin?

    AS: I have never done collaborations before and most of all I have never put my name on a brand, not even on my own ones. With Bagutta it was love at first sight. I am fascinated by everything that has left a mark in history and I think Bagutta is one of those brands that expresses the excellence of Made in-Italy menswear. I have put my heart and soul into this project and we have created an amazing collection that truly represents me: natural fabrics, pure cottons, non-stretch materials… Just like with Fortela, I had fun creating something out of tradition. For example the shirts are made with a thicker cotton thread and I had an extra facing put on the lower part of the collar which is a particular detail, but it also makes the collar lie better when worn. 

    © Alessandro Squarzi

    LF: In your opinion, what are the characteristics that make Bagutta one of the most important Made in Italy brands?

    AS: I am attracted and in love with everything that has a story to tell and I am sure that Bagutta has a beautiful story to tell. 

    LF: As a creative mind, where do you get your inspiration from?

    AS: My inspiration comes mainly from my vintage archive and from my travels. During my time abroad I can observe so many different things and can seek inspiration from the people I see around me.

    LF: Besides Paris and London, Milan is often called the fashion capital of Europe – is there a fashion metropolis outside Italy where you feel particularly at home?

    AS: I would say Los Angeles since I have a great passion for vintage. I go there at least 4/5 times a year.

    LF: Women love shoes and bags. What is your weakness, you definitely can't resist?

    AS: My weekness are definitelyshoes and watches. I love to collect both items and I think they are accessories that a man cannot be without.

    Sie finden die exklusiven Hemden aus der Bagutta x Alessandro Squarzi Capsule Collection ab sofort in unserer Herrenabteilung im 2. OG sowie in unserem Onlineshop auf Am Freitag und Samstag, den 6. und 7. April 2018, haben Sie zudem die einmalige Chance Alessandro Squarzi im Rahmen einen Fashion Talks von 17 bis 19 Uhr in unserem Store im 2. OG persönlich kennen zu lernen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!


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