For nearly 15 years LODENFREY has presented the must-haves of the trachten season – the exclusive and specially designed Oktoberfest Wiesndirndl in midi length and classical styles.

Our own traditional dress experts design and construct unique items with high attention to detail and craftsmanship, producing pieces that are influenced by the zeitgeist and the current trends in trachten fashions, and yet still maintain a strong sense of tradition. Both the fabrics and the styles have been created exclusively for these dirndls. This makes them unique, which can be seen in details from the slim-cut but full skirt, to the delicately hand-finished frogging braid-trimmed borders and the hand-printed silk-apron. The colour combinations are contemporary and constantly changing, with delicate flower motifs or traditional accents along with the characteristic polka-dot lining, making the dirndl a new highlight every year.

This combination of extensive experience, unique, artisanal craftsmanship and a love for tracht makes the Wiesndirndl not only a feature of the Munich Oktoberfest, but also a popular and exclusive collector’s piece in the world of trachten wear. And this year, for the first time, the dirndl finds a partner in the LODENFREY lederhosen for men.

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