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Trousers & Skirts

Trousers & skirts for real fans of traditional fashion

Traditional fashion is in again. It is not only worn for the Oktoberfest and not only in Bavaria. Many traditional outfits for women and men are both traditional and modern. They are surprisingly versatile and suit a variety of occasions. Besides the dirndl there is a wide range of choice for women in traditional fashion. Elegant traditional skirts made of high quality fabrics are an option that's never wrong. Real traditional skirts stand out through their special design. On top of that, a traditional skirt is marked by the iconic folds as well as the added lace and traditional hem. Back in the day, traditional skirts could be placed geographically by their design with very good accuracy. Every village, every county had its own, local design traditions. Modern traditional skirts stand out through multitude of combination options. Of special note are the fantastical combinations with leather and lace.

Traditional trousers are also available with great regional and fashion variety. For long now, the choice has been much wider than just the traditional lederhosen. Not just the fabrics and colours are varied, but also the designs. Whether it is shorts, knee shorts or long trousers, modern traditional trousers for women are elegant and so becoming that they will show off a great figure even outside traditional outfits. Elegant fabrics and exceptional wearing comfort define these trousers. Typical traditional adornments ensure the desired rustic flair.

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