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Shirts & Blouses

In style, young or traditional – blouses and shirts

Traditional women's dress cane be conventional, add a romantic touch or allow for hip combinations. At LODENFREY, you can find a variety of traditional and modern styles and cuts in many different colours and designs. You can easily assemble a classic traditional outfit that can be pepped up with colourful fabrics and interesting materials. Tops offer many varied options in this. Beside the typical blouses of traditional women's fashion there are also traditional shirts. They are notable for their mixed style combining typical traditional elements such as wild game and hunting motifs, modern cuts and elegant fabrics.

This means you can express your pride in your heritage in a fresh and fashionable way. Cleverly combined, traditional blouses and shirts can also be integrated into the everyday wardrobe. Even worn with trousers or jeans, these tops with their traditional patterns and motifs offer great combination possibilities. So there is no need to hide your traditional women's fashion in the closet between special occasions, they will provide traditional or even modern style to your everyday outfits as well.

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