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Scarves & Shawls

Traditional shawls and scarves from Lodenfrey are colourful, modern and versatile

A pretty shawl looks good on every woman. At least that’s what a lot of major designers think. Not for nothing is the range of scarves and shawls available today bigger than ever before. They now adorn entire shopping areas and numerous shop windows on an epic scale. You can buy them just about anywhere! Shawls have different characteristics – some with a floral, all-over print, some plain and subtle – and different materials, synthetic or natural, such as linen, wool or cotton. This makes it difficult for businesses to stand out and assert themselves among the many sellers. However, in the area of traditional shawls and scarves, the labels and designers that the firm LODENFREY sells in its shop have managed to perfectly show off every perfect ladies’ - dirndl - outfit and give it a final polish, with their very own, individual touch.

Buy traditional shawls & scarves from LODENFREY online

From G for Goldgeweih to T for Trachtsetter, suppliers of traditional shawls and scarves in the LODENFREY shop all have one thing in common: an aptitude for luxurious fabrics and high-quality materials. Specialising in the finest goats’ wool and its fibre blends with silk and cashmere, traditional dress shawls and scarves from Hemisphere and Habsburg have an outstandingly soft feel and classy appearance. Colourful models with a traditional deer pattern create a natural, casual look. Cream, camel, and grey shades, however, recall classiness and a certain closeness to nature, and can also be optimally incorporated into existing outfit combinations. Hemisphere now has its very own team of designers. This can clearly be seen in inspiring and creative print and colour creations on every traditional shawl.

Traditional shawls and scarves from Trachtsetter, Goldgeweih and Lola Paltinger are no less creative and striking. Top designer Lola Paltinger uses romantic patterns with baroque elements and floral designs, while classic, back-to-nature traditional dress looks, such as deer sketches or gingerbread heart motifs, play a role in the designs of Goldgeweih and Trachtsetter. However, because they never look old-fashioned and stiff, traditional scarves and traditional shawls work well with various casual looks and give every traditional dirndl a contemporary and modern feel. LODENFREY knows what die-hard festival goers want for the fresher evening air at Oktoberfest. That’s why, in addition to scarves and shawls that can be worn open or looped, the shop also sells genuine cashmere shawls. They are pleasantly warming, even in fresher temperatures, but will not hide an attractive dirndl. LODENFREY – fashionable experts when it comes to fulfilling almost every woman’s Oktoberfest dream!

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