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Classic and elegant or playfully feminine – the LODENFREY shop has the right traditional cardigan for any style and dirndl.

Beautiful weather, radiant sunshine, exuberant mood and many pretty lasses in even prettier traditional fashion: That, and nothing less, is the best possible and unbeatable Oktoberfest day for many. And it should be followed by a just as wonderful Oktoberfest evening. But as especially women dressed only in adirndl tend to feel cold in the evening, a light and warming, but optically very pretty, traditional cardigan is an ideal and mandatory accessory. Particularly elegant designs for the more refined classic taste are supplied by LODENFREY through its in-house brand. Designs in many colours made of very warming and high quality merino wool in a classic cut and with eye-catching horn buttons ensure the ideal traditional look.

The right design for any style and taste – the LODENFREY shop offers a variety of both classic and of modern variants in various colours for the ideal perfection of any women's traditional outfit.

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