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Fine and individual traditional jewellery from Lodenfrey 

There are certain regular occasions almost all year round when the fairer sex will definitely want to buy and show off special jewellery. However, Oktoberfest has a unique festive character, because it only takes place once a year and because of the traditional fashion, such as dirndl and lederhose, worn for the occasion. The luxury and fanciful, feminine traditional jewellery portfolio from the Lodenfrey shop shows that this very special festival deserves special dress, such as dirndl or lederhosen, along with original, traditional jewellery, such as necklaces or bracelets. From the romantic Amore traditional necklace from the firm Cruciani, in a variety of different colours, to the delicately Swarovski crystal-studded necklace with striking heart pendant from Lodenfrey’s own brand, the Munich-based traditional firm’s shop has traditional jewellery for different styles of dirndl. No matter the style of dirndl, the pieces of jewellery in the Lodenfrey shop, which are decorated with different pendants to suit the occasion, give every perfect dirndl a very individual and therefore unique feel. Traditional jewellery from Lodenfrey subtly, yet expressively underlines the natural beauty and attractiveness of every woman in a dirndl.

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