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Elegant traditional jackets for women

A real traditional outfit is more than just a snappy dirndl and the right shoes. With a traditional jacket, women are able to stylishly round out their trendy traditional look in any situation and to openly show their appreciation for alpine fashion. LODENFREY has the right traditional jacket for every women. Sporty and elegant in one with a waisted traditional blazer. Made from pure linen and adorned with pretty extras, these are both resilient and highly detailed. Deer antlers, coloured ornamental seams and edged pockets are amongst the typical elements of traditional fashion, which can also be found in these jackets.

The traditional loden jackets made of fine wool are also very popular with women. They are the perfect choice when the outfit is to match that of the man. Women do not have to forgo the lovely details of traditional fashion even when choosing elegant traditional leather jackets. Richly ornamented buttons, bright edging and mother-of-pearl appliqué will make a traditional jacket a must-have for any fan of the style. For special occasions, there are elegant frock coats made of a variety of materials. When designers present their traditional jackets, they prefer doing so with LODENFREY. Where, if not in the online ship of this traditional, Bavarian company, would be better suited to showcasing these jackets than the extensive traditional range of this fashion store?

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