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Long Dirndls

Long dirndls are no longer seen as the boring and old-fashioned counterparts to midi-length dirndls. Longer styles have even become popular with younger people, as a garment providing a perfect embodiment of tradition in the modern world.

Traditionally, lederhosen were worn alongside long dirndls at official ceremonies like baptisms or weddings. Today, however, long dirndls are more usually ankle-length rather than floor-length, and are a stylish choice for events like the Munich Oktoberfest or for other folk festivals. It is precisely for this reason that the classic models are preferred nowadays, since their particular elegance provides a contrast to the shorter dirndls. They are made from a variety of different fabrics, which include everything from classic cotton or linen bodices to the beautifully patterned and graceful silk models, and a large range of patterns and colours are available. Once you have added the finishing touches of a perfect apron and a dirndl blouse, along with the right accessories, beautiful traditional jewellery, cardigans or traditional shoes, a long dirndl becomes the perfect outfit.

But above all the best thing about a classic model is the cut. The wide, full skirt draped in pleats lends women young and old an elegantly feminine and slender silhouette. Pair this with a slim-fitting bodice featuring a matching fabric and pattern, or take advantage of deliberate contrast, and you have the distinctive and traditional look of tracht, which is just as flattering for slimmer figures, as it is for feminine curves. This look can be seen at its best in the LODENFREY Wiesndirndls.

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