Exklusive Dirndl
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Exclusive Dirndls

A number of companies have made it their mission to bring traditional clothing to the modern day, keeping them feminine but also stylish. LODENFREY also shares in this vision, and offers the perfect dirndl for every taste with exclusive designs and often limited editions.

Tradition is a huge factor for this company. But that does not mean that they let current trend fall by the wayside, which makes them very popular on the young market. At LODENFREY, designs by young brands likeBerzaghi & Freymann, Julia Trentini or Silk & Pearls but also manufacturers like Meindl, Sportalm or Tostmann perfectly embody the essence of traditional clothing. Whether you prefer a timeless cottondirndl in a long design, an elegant or modern mid-length model or even a sophisticated wedding dirndl, a playful combination of different fabrics, patterns and cuts makes up lovingly crafted one-of-a-kind pieces with that special something. Other highlights likecardigans, Janker jackets and, of course, delicate dirndl blouses also add to the traditional look in combination with a beautiful iridescent or finely patterned apron. There are also specific fabric or colour combinations that have been specially selected and put together by our traditional clothing experts.

The unique combination of heritage and fashion sense that these designers have makes it easier for stylish women to enhance their personal style with the help of LODENFREY and its beautiful models. They can also use matching traditional jewellery and other accessories to create beautiful traditional outfits that are second to none, not even the men’s lederhosen looks.


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