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Traditional bags are more than just an accessory

A hearty traditional fashion design needs a matching bag. After all, most women have the odd accessory or small item they would like to carry on their person. From keys to wallets, these objects are usually too large to be stored in the garment's pockets. A regular purse worn with a dirndl or traditional combination would be breaking with the style. Especially when traditional accessories such as matching belts, scarves or jewellery are worn, the purse should be of the same style. Traditional bags are usually a bit more rustic and subdued in colour. A medium brown is almost always a good choice, as this colour is typical for many traditional adornments. Silver riveting, decorative clasps and adornments are also easy to fit in, as traditional jewellery is quite commonly silver in colour.

Of course, a traditional bag can also be selected specifically for a particular outfit. A colourful bag will match a dirndl very well, if the corresponding colour is also featured in the dirndl fabrics. The chosen colour shouldn't not necessarily be a dominant colour of the dress. It is better to chose the colour of the pattern or the apron, to maintain a certain contrast between the dress and the bag. It would be ideal to have traditional shoes and a bag in the same colour. This offers a more harmonic overall impression.

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