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Fabric Care

Say ‘goodbye’ to matted mohair jumpers with the right fabric care products for long-lasting textiles!

We have all experienced the irritation of buying an item of clothing only for it to shrink in the washing machine or tumble drier and lose its shape and length because it has been washed incorrectly with the wrong fabric care products. It is always more annoying when so-called specialist retailers sell expensive designer clothing, made from high-quality materials, without giving their customers the necessary care tips or clear recommendations for fabric care products. We often end up buying the wrong products that do not meet the needs of the textiles and do them more harm than good! It is probably sufficiently well-known that sensitive, but all the more attractive natural fibres such as wool, silk and cashmere require special protection during cleaning.
When it comes to washing high-quality materials, no compromises should be made, in order to considerably extend the textiles’ durability. If you wash your beautiful, new silk blouse, particularly soft, mohair jumper or extravagant cashmere gilet using conventional care products with colour intensifiers, you will not be able to enjoy your clothes for long. Going about fabric care products the wrong way usually ends badly.

Lavepur – because special clothes deserve special care

Because it really matters to LODENFREY that customers enjoy high-quality and elegant designer clothing for a long time, the company only puts its trust in the Swiss-made fabric care product Lavepur. To preserve the shape and colour of sensitive natural fibres such as wool and silk in the long term, fabric care products from the firm Lavepur only use natural raw materials, without visual colour-intensifiers and bleaching agents that can sometimes cause skin irritations in sensitive people. Despite using low temperatures up to 40°C for hand and machine washes, sensitive textiles such as lingerie, underwear or clothes made from silk, wool and cashmere are still cleaned deep-down and retain their natural colour brilliance. Biodegradable and freshly fragranced fabric care from Lavepur simultaneously fulfils several expectations. It combines fluffy, great-smelling and deep-down clean laundry with the desire to meet ecological standards.
Lavepur in the LODENFREY shop – for easy care of demanding and sensitive clothing!

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