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Lifestyle for the home – stylish cushions

In a loft or country house – it is all about objectivity when it comes to modern designed homes, which can sometimes appear to be a bit lackluster. If you love cosiness and want to give your home a personal touch, then why not go for some high-quality home accessories. Designer labels offer cushions, blankets and curtains made of the best materials and lovingly selected colours that will bring life to even the most functional rooms.

The Munich-based traditional company LODENFREY offers a touch of style with a fine range of cushions that will transform every couch or seat into a beautiful eye-catcher. Cushions by Etro are particularly elegant. The Italian fashion company presents cuddly, soft cushions in warm colours. The cushions by Altalena, on the other hand, are decorative and playful. Not only do they fit wonderfully with the beautiful country house style, but they will also put a warm smile on the face of anyone looking at it and take them back to their childhood.

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