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Everything works together here

If you love the style of selected items of clothing and accessories by LODENFREY, then you will be happy to know that they also offer decorative items by renowned labels for your home. Ralph Lauren Home has a decoration range that makes it possible to bring its beautiful, tasteful designs right into your own home. The ongoing concept makes the individual decorations very stylish and easy to combine, making them exclusive enhancements to every home.

Decorations and lamps by Ralph Lauren Home are very elegantly designed, which makes them perfect for mixing and matching, and ensure a striking as well as charming ambience in your home. Clear lines and structures are combined with playful details. This allows you to bring warm elements into rooms and make the most of your valuable furniture. Picture frames by Ralph Lauren Home feature subtle, first-class materials to make your photos and pictures stand out.
The selected range by LODENFREY is designed in such a way that you will find the matching accessory for a variety of different decorative items. The selection is continuously expanded for current trends. This is all further enhanced by pieces that are lovingly decorated to compliment all styles. Quality, design and durability are always at the forefront for this.

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