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Electronics & Accessories

Electronics and accessories as decorative attachments – LODENFREY will make you look stylish

Women and technology? A definite yes at LODENFREY. Some people may feel that technology et al is still purely in the men's domain – but LODENFREY has long since recognised the fallacy of such thinking and knows of the passion of women for beautiful high-tech accessories. Nevertheless, the main focus may not just be on electronic circuitry, but rather on beautiful and stylish design features. Electronics and accessories that can do much more than just "work" and ensure the most diverse hours of leisure. No the fashionable and stylish fashionista of today is looking for electronics and accessories that offer both functionality as well as design-focused product development.
LODENFREY offers accessories for exactly this type of confident, stylish woman who knows exactly what she wants and is always on the lookout for that something special. Accessories that have both an incredibly high-quality finish, as well as technical quality and stand out most for their contemporary, trendy product designs.

LODENFREY is convinced that women are all buying their own electronics and accessories like their iPhone case and headphones, and nothing is being left up to men. The biggest help in selecting high-quality accessories is the sophisticated woman of today and her feel and taste for style and class. She is in the right place at LODENFREY. The company shop has technical accessories on offer from IPhoria and Frends, that provide much more than just good sound when listening to music or for the simple protection of expensive smartphones. IPhoria creates iPhone case models that are real eye-catchers with their Chanel-like design elements from their perfume and nail polish ranges. Models for stylish women who love beauty and luxury and like to express this through their electronics and accessories with plenty of character and great designs. The headphones by the trendy brand Frends can be worn as pieces of jewellery. The plug in models stand out for their unique design that wind around the product like tendrils in shimmering rose, yellow gold or black. The model Layla also ensures fantastic sound quality thanks to its high quality, technical finish and a beautiful visual style. Padded with premium-quality lambs leather around the earphones and highlighted in the colours rose, gold or oil stick, the Layla model is a stylish head-turner. No other earphones have the same stylish, avant-garde feel as the ones by Frends and will make any technophobe a real fan of this piece of tech. They come in a high-quality box that makes these Frends earphones the perfect gift, if you want to surprise your partner with a very special gift for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or their birthday.

LODENFREY – for high-quality tech that also stands for fashion and lifestyle

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