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Easy on the feet and stylish eye-catchers in the summer – women’s sandals by LODENFREY

As soon as the first rays of sunlight hit the horizon and the temperatures start to rise, any fashion conscious woman will feel the need to spruce up her wardrobe. There is nothing better for her than doing away with uninspiring winter jumpers, accessories and shoes to finally make space for a touch of summer in her wardrobe. Aside from colourfully decorated maxi dresses, transparent blouses and original statement shirts, women absolutely love their sandals to be at the front of their wardrobe or shoe closets as an indicator that the warmer season has finally come. Of course, last but not least is the fact that you have to keep your feet hidden away for most of the year because of lower temperatures, so the stylish ladies of today take joy in the fact that they can finally let their elegant and colourfully decorated toes breathe in the fresh, summer air whilst also feeling comfortable and content in their shoes. As the company LODENFREY is eager to meet the needs of these women, they offer a range of sandals in their shop that is both made to the highest quality and is also very comfortable as well as incredibly trendy and elegant. 

Nothing is better than walking barefoot – nothing except for women’s sandals by LODENFREY

The sandal portfolio by LODENFREY is as varied and unique as every foot is and the different styles and tastes of the wearers themselves. 
The shoes by American designer label Michael Kors is incredibly elegant with a touch of nonchalance. The cork sandals London are available in elegant black and natural brown and are incredibly versatile. The London sandals are incredibly comfortable companions thanks to their platforms and the use of a synthetic inlay on the sole, ensuring you look fantastic for every occasion, whether you are wearing them with an elegant, long maxi dress or casually with short, denim shorts.
The wedge heel sandals Jalita Charm are a real must-have this summer, and are also made by Michael Kors. For long shopping tours through asphalt-paved city centres or long dancing sessions on smooth parquet flooring, the use of high quality smooth leather and the wedge heel makes the women’s sandals incredibly comfortable to wear. There are also some beautiful highlights in the form of an overlapping strap and a gold logo.

The label Star Mela is a touch sportier but by no means less exciting with their women’s flip-flops that are also available to buy in the Lodenfrey shop. Various different models are made using incredibly high-quality leather and with colourful rhinestone encrusted straps. That is what sets the flip-flops by Star Mela apart, both with slightly sporty but also lovingly decorated and feminine touches. A touch of elegance transforms the Grape & Flamingo sandals by Avec Moderation. Their metallic colouration in copper and burgundy as well as the iridescent materials make the sandals real eye-catchers. The use of incredibly soft leather and stretchy inserts makes the Grape & Flamingo women’s sandals combine both attributes like extravagance and excitement as well as comfort and the highest quality all in one. 
For sporty, elegant or unique looks – the Lodenfrey shop has just the right sandal model for every type of person – for a summer that is rich in refreshing highlights, even on beautifully decorated women’s feet!

Easy on the feet and stylish eye-catchers in the summer – women’s sandals by LODENFREY

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