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Boots & Ankle Boots

The legs have it – fashionable boots from LODENFREY

Legs that go on for miles are what every woman wants and throw men into utter confusion. Boots show off every woman’s legs in a particularly seductive light. Short ankle boots or fashionable over-knee boots – every woman will find women’s boots in the LODENFREY range that make her legs look endless and attractive.
Boots used to only be worn in winter. Thickly lined, they were less of a fashion statement than a warm and cosy item of clothing. LODENFREY has women’s boots that can be worn all year round. Fashionable ankle boots lined with pure lambskin keep cold feet warm in winter, but are naturally cooling in spring.

Rubber boots stopped being just for gardeners a long time ago and have become fashionable footwear to complete an urban outfit, at least since Hunter. Rubber boots from the LODENFREY online shop are available in many fashionable colours. If you can’t choose between the cheerful bonbon colours, there’s always a cheeky rubber boot in classic black. Whatever the occasion, women are always perfectly styled with fashionable boots from LODENFREY.

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