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Feels like a second skin – Loungewear from the LODENFREY shop

We all know the feeling. The day's tasks and demands pile up over our heads, work is hectic and tiring all at once and the kids demand even more. If you don't vent a little stress now and then to relieve the pressure, you will quickly find yourself taxed past your limits, which brings further unhappiness and exhaustion. All the more important to feel comfortable in your clothes at home and during leisure time; so as not to increase work related stress, which is often already exacerbated by dress codes. Only too often we purchase poorly fitting clothes made from uncomfortable materials that are no good for our body due to tight fits and synthetic materials. To end this feeling of discomfort on the skin, the LODENFREY shop offers highly comfortable yet fashionable loungewear, that will suit its wearer and her individual desires perfectly.

Indulge yourself now and then – not a problem with loungewear from the LODENFREY shop!

Many women at home in their comfort zone want nothing more than to simply tune out the daily stress and relax. To many, this does not come as easily as they would like. It is very important, therefore, to be able to achieve a relaxing atmosphere with the correct, comfortable outfit, for only if you feel comfortable in your own skin can you achieve a relaxing state of mind.

To help with this, the LODENFREY store and shop offer comfortable loungewear by Steffen Schraut and Biscuits, which adhere to up-to-date fashion trends, but still have a casual, relaxing character to them.
Designer Steffen Schraut does not just have his current spring and summer collection as proof that knows how to present the female figure well with simple, minimalistic designs. With the sweatshirt in beautiful, timeless grey, on offer at LODENFREY, he shows his understanding of female desires in the areas of homewear, sleepwear and loungewear. For despite the relaxed and casual appearance, he has mastered the art of creating a strong feminine, well-dressed look. Created with a straight cut and made of soft sweat fabric, it does not just provide the highly sought-after comfort. Delightful details such as ornamental zips and a sequined crease that opens out create a style that is both cool and relaxed, but can also appear well-dressed and refined, depending on whether it is combined with casual jeans and sunglasses or comfortable shorts or leggings. For further loungewear highlights, check the LODENFREY store for the lounge and sleepwear collection by Biscuits. Whether it's playfully feminine shorts named Sue or classic long-sleeves and T-shirts named Annika and Henriette: At Biscuits, relaxation and comfort are of absolute importance. Thanks to the mixed modal and elastane mixed fabrics that are mainly used for shirts, leggings and shorts, each garment will lie snugly against the skin for an extra-soft feeling, maximum breathability and an elegant sheen.

The all-important ability to match and combine all these outfit components, possible due to matching colours and fabrics, they provide the prefect outfit for home. Every piece in the collection is presented in natural colours such as beige, grey or beige melange with ornate seams, contrasting ribbed cuffs on sleeves and legs and revealing necklines for visual accents, which will draw the eyes at home and elsewhere.

LODENFREY cares deeply for the personal wellbeing of its customers, and so only offers selected designers for the area of sleepwear and homewear.

Loungewear by LODENFREY – for a small wellness oasis at home.

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