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For more delicate, feminine lightness or the confidence of a femme fatale – the jewellery by LODENFREY will enchant every woman!

For many women, wearing elegant jewellery like beautiful necklaces, gorgeous earrings, rings or ear studs made of high-quality materials like silver or gold has its very own important meaning. Using very lovingly designed pieces of jewellery, fashionable and confident women like to make a statement of their good taste and value. To mean something to yourself or others is a very special thing that should be held onto and valued. By wearing or even gifting premium and handmade jewellery, this value is then expressed and stands for plenty of feeling, love and security. It is not without reason that any person who wears an engagement ring or wedding band is a part of a special symbolism that would not have as much of an emotional effect with cheap fashion jewellery, as it would with elegant and handmade pieces of jewellery made of the highest quality materials like silver or gold. The designer jewellery for women currently available to buy in the LODENFREY shop stands for this mediation of special messages, statements and unique symbolism.

The lovingly decorated bracelets and necklaces by the brand Cruciani founded in 1992 by designer Luca Caprai exude cosmopolitan elegance as well as unmistakeable nonchalance and a timeless design. Bracelets and necklaces in cheerful and effective colours as well as feminine, romantic designs skilfully create a young and sophisticated look that stands for freedom and eternity. These are all values that the label is devoted to and can be seen in their beautiful and playful heart-shaped necklaces. Anyone who prefers more exciting accessories and lives a somewhat more extroverted life will find what they are looking for with designer Anton Heunis. For him, designer jewellery for women is something very personal and stands for an intimate message, that should be treated and made with care. With that, all of his exclusive pieces of jewellery like earrings, rings or ear studs are handmade in Atelier in the heart of Madrid. Heavily inspired by this world metropolis, the designer jewellery for women by Anton Heunis has a modern, yet vintage look that is presented in bright colours with plenty of love for high-quality materials like semi-precious stones or Swarovski crystals. The earrings available in the LODENFREY shop come in countless colours and shapes and at the same time stand for innocence and a sense of the French aesthetic. Inspired by the musical film "The Young Girls of Rochefort", the peppy necklaces that are lovingly decorated with numerous stones exude a sense of romance and stand for the embodiment of feminine sensuality and sensitivity. Confidence and extravagance are all incorporated into the style of a modern femme fatale, and the archetypal inspired earring or necklace models come in silver or gold. Their wide variety of shapes extroverts them and makes them eye-catching, both qualities of the strong personality of any femme fatale.

Femininely romantic and playful or extravagant and incredibly effective – the designer jewellery for women by LODENFREY stands for a very special type of symbolism and is the expression of the modern woman of today!

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