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Hats & Beanies
Designer beanies for winter protect the ears and head from cold temperatures and can be cool partners in combinations. The new looks feature traditional designs or innovative fur creations. Spoil yourself with cosy materials and fine patterns. Knits are back ‘in’ as a luxurious trend for high-end beanies and designer hats. The fashionable designer hat can also appear as an ear-warmer or earmuff. It looks great and you will love the comfort in winter.

Warm and fluffy beanies from Regina also keep your head warm. The quality of the beanies can be seen in the traditional knitted patterns and soft material. A fur pompom adds a fine finishing touch and tactile feel to the models. The latest trends in women’s winter fashion can be perfectly combined with the luxurious winter models. Fine earmuffs and wonderfully simple knitwear add a touch of elegant knitted fashion to winter collection styles. We love the hot models for winter. It will be hard to get through this season without designer accessories. The elegant pieces contribute perfectly to a modern outfit. New fashions can be trendy and stylish. Designer beanies inspire smart combinations.


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