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A chic, feminine dirndl on a beautiful woman’s body or lederhosen worn by masculine men. Who can resist?
Once used as traditional clothing from specific regions and as an expression of belonging as well as classic values, this traditional clothing has become very acceptable to wear anywhere in the modern world of fashion.

Thanks to numerous folk festivals or Oktoberfest-style parties, which have long not only been taking place in Bavaria, the dirndl, lederhosen and particular Oktoberfest accessories like the LODENFREY Wiesndirndl are becoming more and more popular. But the folk festivals are still small enough that it is considered a special occasion and only occurs once a year, so people don’t want to buy some mass-produced, off-the-rack product. To fit the theme of the party, being festive and something special, many Oktoberfest fans are on the hunt for a very special eye-catcher that will have people talking long after it is over.


Premium traditional fashion that feels great – LODENFREY is setting the bar high when it comes to dirndls and lederhosen

Creating highlights, feeling special and wearing these feelings confidently on your sleeve. This passion to make a statement with special traditional clothing has been taken on by LODENFREY, which is evident by the huge selection of premium, unforgettable-looking traditional clothing for men and women.
Aside from incredibly high-quality dirndls and lederhosen, the LODENFREY shop features a wide repertoire of premium designer accessories like traditional shirts, dirndl blouses or jewellery that all incorporates the theme of traditional clothing and Oktoberfest. LODENFREY is located right in the heart of Munich, which means right in the place where Oktoberfest was born, and has its finger on the pulse of the times and current traditional clothing trends, all of which ensures that the company knows exactly which labels and designers are the best.


From traditional to extravagant – traditional clothing by LODENFREY serves to enhance your own individual style

The company offers a very exclusive selection of first-class dirndl and lederhosen designers, so it can meet the needs of its clientele and send out a very festive and special message with the most exclusive, selected and premium traditional clothing.
Regardless of what you are thinking of when you buy traditional clothing, LODENFREY can meet the most diverse tastes and senses of style. The traditional companies Meindl and Schneiders are set on sticking to the most traditional cultural values, recognising the value of technical innovation and hand craftsmanship, and thereby speaking to their very own, wide-reaching clientele. The label Silk & Pearls, on the other hand, relies on extravagant couture creations, on expressionism, exclusivity and a touch of luxury. Feminine, playful dirndl models, an exclusive lifestyle and the glamorous use of femininity stand at the forefront on the models made by Berzaghi & Freymann  or by top designer Susanne Spatt. All of the renowned designers do however have one thing in common: the love of a special cut, the use of high-quality fabrics and accessories, like linen and silk, tulle creations, beautiful embroidery, shiny organza fabrics, feathers, rhinestones and elegant pearls. This ensures that there are no limits to the luxurious cuts and glamorous styles created for traditional clothing in the LODENFREY shop.


Standing out at the folk fair – thanks to traditional fashion by LODENFREY

Traditional dress is right on trend. And where better to get your own dirndl, blouses and lederhosen than at LODENFREY, the traditional Munich-based company where real fashion-lovers have been buying their trendy and high-quality clothing for years? There is finally a huge selection of exclusive traditional clothing to buy online in the online shop.

Traditional clothing works for a wide variety of events and gives the wearer an individual, elegant look. Women look beautifully feminine in a dirndl. The LODENFREY online shop has the most beautiful models this season. In addition to that, you can find high-quality traditional accessories from bags to scarves all the way down to shoes. Blouses, coats and blazers round off this great range. Men can choose from a huge selection of premium lederhosen, for which they sell the matching shirts, jackets and traditional German "Haferl" shoes. We even thought of the kids: A great selection of kids traditional clothing will please proud parents and children alike.

The LODENFREY traditional clothing is especially made for traditional clients with great taste who are looking for that certain special something. The beautiful clothing in our online shop will make every traditional clothing lover look great.

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