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Traditional Vests

Traditional vests and waistcoats – the most beautiful traditional dress for men

Traditional fashion is for those, who know and enjoy properly combining the various elements of traditional fashion to create a matching ensemble that respects the rules of the tradition. Men can't go wrong with traditional fashion by LODENFREY, regardless of whether they see themselves as rooted in the Alpine cultural region or visit Bavaria for the great festivals, to honour the Bajuwaric joy and its customs together with the locals. When gathering a traditional outfit, vests for men are of special importance. Whether it is a festive waistcoat or a leather vest – a sleeveless traditional jacket must not be missing.

LODENFREY offers waistcoats in many fashionable colours, made of elegant, shimmering velvet. The love for excellent quality is also shown on the back, where fine patters of elegant fabrics create a wonderful overall look. The leather vest appears markedly more robust but is still a wonderful example of the elegant effect of fine edging and ornamental seams on rough natural material. For everyday use, knitted vests are a great way to bring traditional elements into leisure fashion. Worn with rough cotton shirts and jeans, knitted vests are an homage to hard working nature men, who still chopped their own fire wood. In any case, men with a penchant for traditional dress should hold the vest in particularly high regard.

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