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Traditional Socks

Traditional dress socks for an all-round cosy feeling

Men's traditional dress socks in various designs, elegantly mottled or single colour, make every look into something special. A specially reinforced heel ensures perfect comfort and the pure virgin wool of the long lived socks ensures perfect wearing comfort. The high-quality fabric does become felted and great quality of these traditional accessories ensure that you'll be able to rely on these excellent socks to guard your feet for a long time.

The foot does not sweat in well made traditional socks, but is instead always perfectly acclimatised. Every traditional look thus not only becomes an optical highlight, but is also comfortable to wear. Hand-pillow-laced and designed with a love for detail, traditional dress socks round out any style of traditional look and allow for many varied combinations. Manufactured by various labels, they embody many different styles and can be worn in many ways.
Traditional fashion for men is thus always a good choice for bringing out a traditional flair.

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