Originally, lederhosen were favoured for their robustness and over time they have become a symbol of traditional folk costume. To the modern, style-conscious man, lederhosen have come to represent individuality and trendiness. The length of the lederhosen, and the accessories chosen to wear with them, are entirely a matter of personal taste.

Today, there are no limits to the design of traditional lederhosen. Generally, high-quality lederhosen are made from deer or buckskin, but goatskin is also used in many models because of its durability. Then there are the buttons made from rustic buck antlers or buffalo horn, elaborate embroidery or ribbons in various colours. This perfect picture is completed with slit pockets and back pockets, a button fly and of course the characteristic side pockets for the ‘Hirschfänger’. Braces can be worn with lederhosen, or left off, depending on preference.

The traditional dress available from LODENFREY displays first-class craftsmanship and an impeccable mix of tradition with contemporary elements, as is clear from the range of short lederhosen and knee-breeches. Whether from smaller companies like Säckler or Ostarrichi or the well-known manufacturer Meindl, every model exudes unique style and exceptional craftsmanship. This year for the first time LODENFREY traditional lederhosen are available as a counterpart to the annual Wiesndirndls. They have distinctive and unique features like colourful stitching and natural buttons and are made from robust, quality leather so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Ultimately, every man has his own preference when it comes to choosing the perfect model – just like when women choose their dirndls. But it is important to remember that leather is a natural product, which changes over time, and so you should make sure to choose lederhosen that are neither too tight, nor too loose. Coordinating accessories like charivari charms, trachten vests and hats, as well as classics like popover shirts or checked trachten shirts, Janker jackets and trachten dress shoes all come together to create the perfect traditional look with fashion conscious notes for folk festivals or the Munich Oktoberfest.

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