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Timeless traditional knitwear for him

Knitted sweaters and jackets have always been a fixed part of classic traditional knitwear for men, which has its origins in the German-speaking Alpine region. Highest quality, excellent craftsmanship and a high practical value mark a knitted sweater or jacket in the traditional style. Where the original use of local wool products creates a sense of heritage, there sophisticated men who are looking for their roots may present themselves with traditional fashion made of elegant cashmere wool.

Cashmere is amongst the most valuable natural resources. The fine, shiny hair of the cashmere goat is only used for exquisite upper garments such as knitted sweaters, scarves and hats. A knitted jacket made of 100 percent cashmere is a very refined garment of lasting value and sets all new accents in terms of current men's fashion. A traditional knitted sweater or traditional knitted jacket made of pure cashmere is a stylish addition to an exquisite business outfit and can be worn over a shirt both at the office and during leisure time.

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