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Janker Jackets

Elegant Janker jackets for true fans of traditional dress

A true traditional fashion fan is easily spotted by his janker jacket. For when choosing a traditional jacket one must decide if one is ready to invest into both tradition and fashion, and to not settle for less than excellent quality. LODENFREY offers traditional outfits from the most famous brands of the scene. Traditional fashion is in high demand right now. Not just older gentlemen, but also strapping young lads that delight in their heritage show off their lederhosen, traditional shirts and snappy traditional jackets at every opportunity. As these look great as every day wear, the men love traditional outfits that combine well with jeans or leisure wear.

LODENFREY offers Janker jackets in many designs and variations, all of the highest quality, of course. Designs made purely out of linen in classic cuts are very popular in the summer. For the colder seasons, men prefer traditional jackets made of virgin wool. Designs made of the best leather or the famous loden janker are the right choice for any weather. All jackets bear the typical traditional traits, without which true connoisseurs would not accept them: From deer horn buttons to edged front pockets all the way to the box pleat in the back, Janker jackets have everything they need for the perfect traditional look.

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