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Design and tradition in one

A Bavarian man expresses his connection to his heritage with traditional fashion. Nowhere else in Germany is heritage displayed so strongly through clothing. Still, tradition does not mean old-fashioned or out of style. Traditional fashion can be pepped up with stylish accessories. With fine fabrics such as silk and traditional jewellery in current designs, everyone can set their own mark. But even shirts and blazers can be enhanced for everyday use or special occasions, with the right traditional accessories. Thus, tradition and fashion become one. For elements of traditional fashion show, even in every day wear, style and respect for one's traditions.

The traditional Munich label LODENFREY offers scarves, pocket squares and ties made of elegant fabrics in fancy designs. For special occasions, you can find the full range of traditional jewellery and accessories for men, from the charivari to Haferl shoes. Thus, you can create a perfectly matched, high quality outfit that combines current trends and tradition. You will always be properly attired for any special occasion. Current traditional accessories for men, such as mobile phone pockets for the smartphone made of robust leather in traditional design complete the outfit for the modern, trendy man. The high-quality workmanship seals the deal.

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