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Bermudas – Shorts for Men

If you seek summer trousers with something special, you can't beat these half-length designs named after a Caribbean island. Bermudas, or rather Bermuda shorts, are short trousers for everyday and leisure wear. Men's bermudas are available in various lengths, from just below to just above the knee. The name of these shorts is, as already mentioned, based on their popularity on the Bermuda islands. Original bermudas stop about five centimetres above the knee. However, some designs in the area of men's fashion now reach below the knee. Today, bermudas are made from a colourful denim fabric and are only distinguishable from regular shorts by their colourful appearance.

Bermudas are now considered designer fashion, as they are available in many sophisticated designs. Bermuda shorts combine particularly well with polo shirts and trainers. Bermuda shorts are one of the absolutely timeless clothing items that will never go out of fashion. They don't just look snappy; they are also comfortable and sporty. These shorts offer a excellent comfort on warm days and can be easily combined with other garments such as T-shirts and polo shirts. With some bermudas, you are ready for summer.

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