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Good and stylish on your feet, even for everyday business – that is what trainers by LODENFREY stand for

These sporty style shoes are no longer just made for their original purpose, that being sports, but have been transposed to fit into the trendy and stylish world of casual fashion. The term trainers is therefore on everyone’s lips, which is probably due to the fact that the stylish shoes have developed into real fashion must-haves throughout the last year. Anyone who wants to buy some stylish trainers nowadays really is spoiled for choice. They are colourful, stylish and incredibly varied, even when it comes to quality, which makes it even easier to combine these trendy shoes in the widest variety of ways. Even modern business etiquette cannot come away from trainers they way they are made today, as they have been steadily making their way into conference rooms, and even certain CEO offices. This is no surprise, but some traditional companies, e.g. the label La Martina have been making trendy, sporty shoes from a traditional perspective that caters to sports like polo. Being stylish and well-dressed without feeling restricted, whilst also staying comfortable and contemporary is an ambitious goal that the brands for men in the LODENFREY shop achieve very well.

From classic and understated to eye-catching and colourful – the trainer selection at LODENFREY inspires versatility and confidence

For a nice Sunday brunch with friends, or rather on the golf course, for stylish combinations to wear to work or casual and laid back on the tennis court, there is no limit to the wide variety of colours and shapes available in the selection by Polo Ralph Lauren. The classic low trainers for men with a specially rounded toe area ensures the highest comfort, whilst eye-catching colours and patterns, like a bright pin or incredibly trendy camouflage design ensure to add a fresh touch to almost all outfit combinations. The Polo Ralph Lauren emblem that can be found on all of the trainers, an often colour contrasting lining and details made of canvas material on the tongue and heel are all very high-quality highlights. This makes the shoes by US label Polo Ralph Lauren very colourful, versatile to combine, stylish and up to date. The beautifully finished trainers by La Martina made of high-quality smooth leather exude a touch more class. Natural brown tones or bright orange and royal blue, embossed lettering, the high-quality La Martina logo and premium decorative stitching all combine to create a luxurious look. There is of course no compromise in comfort and wearability thanks to the soft, leather finished lining, the elaborate finish on the heel, the edge reinforcement and the non-slip rubber sole with incorporated studs, all of which ensures solid grip and stability wherever you go. One more reason to keep the fantastic LODENFREY trainers one step ahead – because the LODENFREY brand stands for trust and security with every step you take.

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