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Lace-Up Shoes

High-quality lace-up shoes by LODENFREY – always the first choice when it comes to health and style

Back problems, the number one widespread problem. Many hours of sitting at a desk at work, little or no exercise and bad posture increasingly lead to back pain and herniated disks regardless of age. Many know the reasons for their problems, but it may be news for many that the right type of high-quality footwear can significantly alleviate stress on the spine. It is amazing to think about the weight that is put on our feet every day, and even more so, the strain that this weight causes. Anyone who wants to save their money and buy low-quality shoes puts their health in danger, the results of which is often only noticeable over time. Men in particular, who for the most part weigh more than women, are well-advised to invest in high-quality footwear – be it lace-ups, brogues or boots. The renowned names that can be bought in the LODENFREY shop prove that lace-up shoes or brogues for men, don’t need to contradict themselves when it comes to health and quality in comparison to style, fashion sense and elegance.

Made of suede or smooth leather, in black or brown, using advanced product designs and first class hand craftsmanship that has a long-standing tradition; premium brands like La Martina or Santoni stand for the symbiosis of quality, healthcare and timeless elegance. The thought that healthy and high-quality lace-up shoes are in no way something for fashion buffs and should fade away into the background doesn’t have any weight when it comes to the models that can be bought in the LODENFREY shop, all of which are made with plenty of attention to detail for design and shape, setting trends and being at the forefront of the times, in no way faltering to their cheaper counterparts. Quite the opposite: Style and elegance are completely reinvented. The blue and white designed derby shoes by La Martina are proof of this. The elegant dandy look with lovingly crafted details that represent class as well as the effective decorative stitching or motifs and lettering on the patch leather sections prove that this premium footwear is just the right thing ans a real must-have for any well-dressed gentleman. The sporty, soft suede lace-up shoes by the brand N.D.C. in a warm brown feature effective details like bast edging or light contrasting piping make for high-quality highlights, that make them the perfect companion for beautiful summer styles. The elegant black Oxford brogues by premium label Santoni exude classic chic that adds a touch of exclusivity to every elegant outfit.

LODENFREY – dressed like a stylish gentleman from head to toe!

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