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Cuff Links

Premium cuff links – the accessory of the modern gentleman

When the cuff link was invented, it was seen as an item of high fashion for men. Back then, the classic cuff was a big ruffle worn around the neck and the cuff link was used to hold it in place. Even back then, the well-dressed gentlemen wanted decorative elements to adorn their cuffs and thereby combine beauty with utility. Often ornately decorated, these cuff links were worn from the 19th Century onwards by middle and upper class men who wanted to show off their very own symbolism, after the creation of the French cuffs.

Even today cuff links are still a status symbol for many men and women. Made from different materials, like gold or silver, these cuff links are made to buy in a variety of different shapes, and the modern man uses cuff links to make himself look stylish, luxurious and elegant. It is no wonder then, that there is such great value placed on quality and style, as there is much less opportunity for a man to elegantly and tastefully accessorise using beautiful pieces of jewellery.

For style and understated elegance – that is what the premium cuff links from the LODENFREY shop stand for

LODENFREY provides cuff links from traditional companies like Deumer or Tateossian to meet the highest standards of the modern gentleman and adequately react to the needs of the modern business man. Whilst the cuff links by Deumer speak more to smart business men because of their understated elegance, high-quality finish and premium materials like 925 silver or silver in a gold look, the visual diversity by Tateossian is more suitable for a wide range of different possible uses. From round designs decorated with premium stones in blue or black, to high-quality rhodium and silver shining models with a trendy knotted shape, Tateossian offers the perfect cuff links for every occasion as well as every different taste. Tateossian also has hexagonal models for more stylish men with a taste for extravagant shapes, inside of which there are white or black stone lined frames in premium silver-white, therefore exuding an especially festive character and seriousness. There are also no limits here to what can be done with the cuff links – thanks to the incredibly exquisite selection of luxurious and elegant looking models by the traditional company available in the LODENFREY shop.

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