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Men’s fashionable accessories and belts

The new accessories and belts for men come in a variety of designs and materials. Belt buckles with animal motifs are popular details. Made from brass with an antique silver appearance, the fine designs give fashion an animalistic touch. Scorpion or octopus, the perfectly depicted animals crown a belt with creative ideas. Mystical belt buckles with a Buddha motif or made from relief-embossed antique gold are also inspired. These unique pieces have persuasively high-end designs and a fine leather belt.

Wearable in different ways, designer belts and buckles are fashionable accessories for many occasions. Sporty men’s belts in a striped design add the perfect touch to leisure fashion. These attractive and simple belts really set off chinos and shorts. The elasticated material is decorated with a leather end and follows every movement. Luxury leather belts in a variety of colours embellish outfits and hold trousers in place at the waist. Classic colours brown, black and beige create an attractive image with new designs. In fresh shades like lime green or white, fashionable trends breathe new life into summer styles. Chic buckles in sophisticated colours emphasis the very high quality and underline style and taste. Individual designer accessories give outfits a certain thrill for a unique and inimitable personal touch.

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