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Feel at home, even when travelling – thanks to travel accessories by LODENFREY

Anyone who frequently travels, for personal reasons or for business, knows how annoying it is to have to make train stations and airports around the world a home away from home. How annoying it is when you have badly packed and poorly stored travel accessories. Sometimes it is hard enough to get your travel bags and suitcases closed because of the lack of space, but then you find it even more difficult to find anything because of disorganisation in your luggage. If your travel bag then somehow breaks because of its poor quality makeup, then all of this becomes the best way to ruin your holiday fun or even distract you when you are on your way to an important business meeting.
To ensure this never happens, and to protect their clientele against any nasty surprises when traveling for business or pleasure, LODENFREY puts its trust in just a hand full of brands and companies to provide you with the best travel accessories, luggage and accessories, all of which can be bought at LODENFREY.

LODENFREY ensures that you will never feel like an outsider and meets your standards of class and quality on the go. All of these expectations and wishes are to satisfy its customers, and can only be met through brands like Ralph Lauren, Hackett, Habsburg and Otis Batterbee. The Blue and Polo label by Ralph Lauren offer stylish, classic chic and sporty elegant accessories like practical messenger bags as well as travel bags that stand out mostly for their understated sense of elegance and can be beautifully integrated into existing outfit combinations. All of the bags by Ralph Lauren feature high-quality leather details and make the perfect companions for on the go thanks to the numerous and spacious inner compartments and not least of all because quality is always the number one concern. The travel bags for men by Hackett exude a touch of avant-garde but no less practical charm with sporty character. Bright colours like green or teal blue, decorated with badges that have an affinity to England and maritime striped lining make these models the perfect examples of British ‘preppy chic’ and will definitely stand out from the crowd. Stylish, sophisticated men with a certain penchant for luxurious accessories will be happy to know about the premium travel accessories by Otis Batterbee in the LODENFREY shop. High-quality, understated yet incredibly practical accessories like neck pillows, envelope bags or sleeping masks ensure you will feel great and you can be as relaxed when you travel as you are used to at home.
A classic, yet never old-fashioned pattern like pinstripes or checks provide the necessary casual touch and have a very calming effect.

The luggage by the company Hackett is incredibly worldly and suitable for business, so the use of robust Saffiano leathers and the classic shapes as well as colours take on an air of seriousness and professionalism. Decorated with inside compartments and zips, these travel accessories by Hackett are the perfect companions for every cosmopolitan gentleman who likes to combine his feel for luxurious taste with the more practical side of things. Speaking of luxurious: When a smartphone is as important to a businessman as a handbag is for a woman, what would he do without the right phone bag? The LODENFREY shop presents this high-quality brown leather phone bag for smartphones, which is the perfect finishing touch for everyday business looks and for perfecting your own personal look. It features a classic stag motif, which is the perfect way to round off any professional business outfit as well as being the most secure and practical place to store any valuable mobile phone.

For comfortable traveling with certain advantages – that is the luggage in the LODENFREY shop.

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