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The label Scabal designs luxurious men's ready-to-wear clothing from the finest fabrics. Founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz, the company initially created fine drapery and fabrics. Today, Scabal, in its fourth generation, manufactures shirts, jackets and suits in addition to high-quality fabric collections. The highest quality and exceptional workmanship are the focus here.

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Tailor-made suits of unique quality

Founder Otto Hertz had the vision early on to bring together tailors from all over the world. The passion for weaving has been incorporated into the collections for over 80 years. The Scabal weaving mill is located in Huddersfield, where traditional English fabrics have been made since the 15th century. The majority of all fabrics are still made here today. In 1989 the company added an atelier workshop to its product portfolio, which has been producing bespoke clothing for men since 1937. This gave Scabal unlimited possibilities for customers, who could now have clothing and fabrics made to their own specifications. From now on, Scabal will tailor exceptional bespoke suits for discerning customers in its first store on Savile Row. The store offers over 5,000 high quality fabrics as well as a full made-to-measure service. Always seeking new innovation, it is no surprise that Scabal is the first label ever to create so-called Bunch Books, which contain fabric samples, and develop fabrics that push the superfine boundaries such as Super 180. Superfine wool produced by family farms is paired with modern technology to create innovative fabrics. The label gained fame with actors Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro wearing suits from Scabal in the movies "The Godfather" as well as "Casino".

Discover now online and in the LODENFREY store in Munich at the cathedral suits by Scabal for men.